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A letter to customers who custom hotel chef uniform

That you want

If you are looking for uniforms manufacturer, and you want your uniforms to be customized, please read the whole passage. We are sure to help you in your sourcing.

If you are looking for a wholesale uniforms factory with cheap price, good quality, multi-choices, plenty of stock, ready to deliver anytime, please read the whole passage. We are sure to help you in your sourcing.

If you are a small trading company, or you are a big wholesaler for sampling, you can place your retail order online, which will save you a lot of time and energy.

Please view our website for the introduction of LAKP factory information. It mainly introduces the development of our factory in the past and in the future with the continuous accumulation of our technology and capital, which may help and influence you for our future cooperation.

Factory history

From July 2005 to March 2013, we were just a small processing factory without our own sales and marketing channel.

From March 2013 to May 2017, beside processing uniforms, we have built up our own sales and marketing team. In addition, we have had three shops for whole sale.

In May 2017, we have determined to built up our own sales and marketing team for the orders from foreign countries. Our decision originated from a true story.

A story

Once a customer Mr. Qin from Shanghai placed an order of 5 40’HQ containers. He told us that they are for a customer from Europe, and would place orders to our factory next time. The reason is that he had sourced for more than 10 suppliers, and our factory is his most satisfactory one among all the factories he had sourced. He also mentioned that our uniforms has passed the tests of the European and USA product criteria, and had obtained the certification for applying the criteria.

We manufacture the uniforms according to the criteria from China. We did not know that our products can apply the European and USA criteria. This case made us understand that our products are capable to enter the international market though we have been doing business only in domestic market. We are fully confident about our future to enter the international market. On the other hand, our domestic market has been occupied by on-line orders from other suppliers little by little, which has made our order less and less. It is the future trend to do business through internet. So we determined to build up our own sales and marketing team for the on-line orders from foreign countries.

How can we get orders from international market? We hope that you read the passage and give us some good advice, which will be much appreciated..

Also that you want

In order to serve you with good service, we have our honor to employ an international trade manager Mr. Pia Pan who has the international trade experience for 8 years, and another three international trade staff with the experience for 3 years, to communicate with our customers, to solve their problems, to follow the details of orders and the shipping procedures etc. We believe that the benefit of the customers will be assured only when the problems are solved by the professionals.

We decided to put the international trade as the most important part of our business at last. We have established some policies that will directly benefit for our customers.

  1. The orders from foreign countries will be arranged to prior production.
  2. The quality of products will be controlled by the professionals that is familiar with the international criteria.
  3. The price for the orders from foreign countries will have 5% discount compared to the domestic orders.
  4. We will provide domestic on-line service for 8 hours a day, and international on-line service for 14 hours a day.

Finally, if our offer can meet your needs, please let us know, and submit your requests below. We will send you a reply at once. Thank you.